2016 trends and inspiration cards for Cards for Culture – Museum Edition


16 trends and 16 new inspiration cards of Cards for Culture – Museum Edition to complete your set

Cards for Culture – Museum Edition is a well-designed box with three separate decks of cards that help you to develop and strengthen your museum strategy across a wide range of topics. This original (2016) set of trends and inspiration cards of Cards for Culture – Museum Edition can be used to complement your newer set.

This set consists of:

  • A deck of 16 cards with trends that are shaping the future of museums.
  • A deck of 16 cards with inspiration and best practices from around the world.

The cards are beautifully designed by Dutch designer Robin Stam and will be produced at very high quality, to ensure their sustained usability in your museum.

Please note these are the same cards as are in the original 2016 edition of Cards for Culture – Museum Edition. If you’re looking to update your older set, buy the latest update instead.

Prices include shipping and taxes. We usually ship within 3 days.

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Use Cards for Culture – Museum Edition for:

  • Develop an integrated strategy for your museum, one of its departments, or for an exhibition, programme or event.
  • Check the impact of current trends on your museum or activities.
  • Learn from international best practices.
  • Ask yourself the questions that matter.
  • Develop a useful checklist of strategic opportunities.
  • Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.

The cards bring together many years of experience in facilitating strategy development processes, up-to-date trends and international best practices.

All the content of the cards is especially developed by museum experts for this purpose only and as such the game and its contents is unique in the sector.