Privacy policy and data protection

We collect some personal data from users of our website, and we use external services for some of our activities, which also collect personal data. We take your privacy seriously and will never share any of your data with anyone outside of our organisation. If you have any question or comments about our use of your personal data, please reach out directly to Jasper Visser:

The following personal data is collected:

Analytics: Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics for basic analysis of our website performance. Google Analytics stores usage data of this website.

Newsletter: Mailchimp
We use Mailchimp for our regular newsletters. In Mailchimp we collect your personal data (email, name) and usage data.

CMS: WordPress
Our CMS, WordPress, stores website usage data. If you create an account, the associated personal data is collected. You can access and change this information in your account.

Webshop: Woocommerce, Mollie
Woocommerce collects order data, including personal data (name, email, address, telephone number) needed to process an order. Mollie, our payment provider, collects financial data needed to process an order.

If you send us an email, your email and associated personal data are archived.

If you would like to request the personal data we have collected of you or delete it, please contact Jasper Visser via or reach out to