The Kickstarter campaign for Cards for Culture - Museum Edition has been backed by people from 17 different countries. Wow. After the rewards found their way to supporters from Argentina to New Zealand and from Norway to New York, many of you took the time to share a photo of their arrival. Thanks! Nothing says international community, even in a highly connected age, like seeing an idea being useful to people across timezones. Some of our favourites: Alastair Somerville made a Vine of his unboxing of Cards for Culture:

We're proud to present Cards for Culture - Museum Edition, which was developed by Erik Schilp and Jasper Visser to help museums (and the individuals in them) develop and strengthen their museum strategy across a wide range of topics. Today, we launched the Kickstarter campaign to help us make a big enough print run to guarantee our desired quality and to keep the consumer price of the cards affordable.

Cards for Culture - Museum Edition is a playful toolkit with 100 cards that you can use in many different ways in your organisation, for instance to facilitate strategy workshops, design a response to trends and learn from best practices from all over the world. In 1:25 minutes, the Kickstarter video does a good job in explaining the concept and showing the cards: