Cards for Culture

Playful strategy development for culture

Cards for Culture is a game and toolkit, consisting of a well-designed box with three separate decks of cards that help you to develop and strengthen your institutional strategy across a wide range of topics. The total of one hundred versatile and user-friendly cards stimulate your creativity, inspire innovation and guide transformation processes. Play it alone, or with others.

Every day we meet smart and energetic professionals who are facing considerable challenges within their organizations. With Cards for Culture we wanted to create a tool to help them. More action-driven than a management book, more long-term than a conference and less expensive than a consultant.

Cards for Culture is a product of VISSCH+STAM and created by Erik Schilp and Jasper Visser and designed by Robin Stam.


Cards for Culture - Museum Edition

Erik Schilp

Erik Schilp is an international innovator, connector and strategist. He specializes in sustainable business solutions in the arts, cultural and heritage sectors.

Erik Schilp

Innovator, connector and strategist
Jasper Visser

Jasper Visser is a change agent, innovator and facilitator specialized in strategy development, audience engagement and innovation strategy.

Jasper Visser

Change agent, innovator, facilitator

Book a workshop or coaching

We’re happy to facilitate strategy development workshops and ideation sessions around any of the themes of Cards for Culture. Approach Erik or Jasper to explore the opportunities. Frequently offered solutions include:

  • One or two-day ideation sessions: Using the cards we address a specific challenge or question in your organisation, develop the outline of a strategy and ideas to capture the potential value identified in the session.
  • Full strategy development processes: We help you create a full strategy and a deep-dive into activities and programmes, using the Cards for Culture as structure for the debate.
  • Teaser sessions and presentations: In a high-paced interactive workshop or presentation people are introduced to Cards for Culture and learn how they can use it themselves. Ideal for conferences and seminars.
  • Coaching: We offer one-on-one confidential and discrete coaching support. Aimed at director or sub-director level.

License Cards for Culture

Please contact Erik or Jasper directly to discuss adaptations, translations or new editions of Cards for Culture. Some of our options:

  • A special edition of Cards for Culture for your conference or organisation. Give your attendees and colleagues the gift of playful strategy development, also available as a 64-card travel deck.
  • Translate Cards for Culture in your own language and either sell them to your local network, or give them away. Of course, trends and best practices can be adapted to local circumstances.
  • Develop a new edition of Cards for Culture. Libraries, live arts, archives or artists: we’re constantly developing new editions of Cards for Culture and happily work with you to make one for your sector.
Cards for Culture - Russian Edition

Designed by VISSCH+STAM Strategic Services

VISSCH+STAM is a boutique consultancy with a contemporary approach to strategic design. VISSCH+STAM advises organisations on their strategy development and transformation processes, and supports them in the development of innovative solutions to complex problems. The members of our team combine gusto and commitment with creativity, entrepreneurship, smart technological applications and a keen eye for design. VISSCH+STAM can build on the extensive international experience from our work for non-profits and NGOs, cultural and creative industries and our projects for private and public organisations.