Playful strategy development for culture

One hundred high-impact cards to strengthen and future-proof your institution.

Develop an integrated strategy for your institution.
Check the impact of current trends on your organization.
Learn from international best practices.
Ask yourself the questions that matter.
Develop a useful checklist of strategic opportunities.
Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.

“More action-driven than a management book, more long-term than a conference and less expensive than a consultant.”

Each box of Cards for Culture contains:


cards with strategic questions, based around eight themes (story, leadership, audience, organization, community, society, space and assets)


cards with current trends that are shaping the future of cultural institutions


cards with inspiration and best practices from around the world


jokers: Relevant risks and threats that could disrupt your strategy

The user manual gives six principle variations and many cool tips to use the cards. On our blog, we will regularly present new variations.

Cards for Culture is a product of VISSCH+STAM, created by Erik Schilp and Jasper Visser and designed by Robin Stam.

Worldwide shipping

We ship worldwide, and our prices include taxes! We usually ship within 3 working days.

Always up to date

Cards for Culture is updated annually to reflect the latest insights in your sector. In addition, each purchase gives you access to up-to-date online resources.

Workshops and consulting

We offer strategy development workshops and ideation sessions around any of the themes of Cards for Culture. Contact us for more information.